Holiday Garland and Specialty Floral Arrangements

Magnolia Garland - Carolina Sapphire & Holly
Magnolia Garland
Carolina Sapphire & Holly

Wm. F. Puckett has been a proud supplier of specialty floral arrangements, including holiday garland for the floral industry for more than forty years. Our exclusive Hydroseal technology keeps cut floral greenery fresher longer. This allows us to ship our beautiful specialty floral arrangements and holiday garland right to your door in Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, DeLand, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Ocala and anywhere else in the country.

When you order floral arrangements, they are normally shipped in cardboard boxes with a small amount of water. And depending on the time and distance traveled the greenery and foliage will often show signs of wilting upon arrival. That’s why we developed Hydroseal. This revolutionary technology submerges your holiday garland and other floral arrangements in a tank filled with cool 40-degree water. This keeps your order hydrated throughout its journey reducing wilting, curling and drying within the first five days. Your cut floral greenery and foliage will arrive fresher in our signature “Pink” Puckett box and you or your recipients will enjoy them for a longer period of time.

Our handmade holiday garland is the perfect choice for any wreaths, centerpieces, candle rings and bouquets that will give your holiday or special event a festive appearance. They are handmade from your choice of cut greenery like Boxwood, Magnolia, Ming Fern, and a variety of others. You can order fresh garland by the foot or they can be broken down into several pieces.

All of our cut greenery and foliage including holiday garland are grown on our farm in Central Florida and shipped to floral shops and designers around the U.S., Canada and foreign countries. They make the perfect accent for any specialty floral arrangement.

Contact Us Online or call toll-free (800) 426-3376 to order Holiday Garland and other specialty floral arrangements for the holiday season or your special event.