All of our Foliages are HYDROSEAL™ Treated to Seal in Moisture - Which Extends Shelf-Life

Wm. F. Puckett, Inc. is a professional grower and distributor of cut floral greenery — involved in the foliage industry for three generations, with the idea of creating a company that would become a standard for cut foliage growers. We were the first grower to introduce Hydroseal™, setting a standard for post-harvest treatment, Super Shine™, Gilded / Frosted™, White Mist and White Christmas Mist Floral Foliages to the market.

Our company employs more than 100 highly-motivated, professional individuals, always available for customer care. We continue to look for innovative services and programs to benefit you and your customers. From the beginning our main objective has been to provide the wholesale market with a superior product, and to give unequaled service to our customers. This concept continues today.

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