Everyday Products

Custom Packaging Available

Sta-Fresh Vacuum Sealing


Seals cut floral greenery in a plastic sleeve, creating its own environment, in turn giving the product a longer shelf life.

Sleeved Leatherleaf


Protects the product from direct contact to air, preventing it from drying out and giving it a longer shelf life than un-sleeved.

Mixed Cases Available

Mixed cases are packed with your choice of assorted floral foliage that are needed for your customers. This prevents the wholesale florist from ordering extra bunches of product that they may not need or use.

Main Box Sizes Available

30x14x5 – Size #5

30x14x9 – Size #9

30x14x15 – Size #15

The most common box sizes used are size #15 (30x14x15), size #9 (30x14x9) or size #5 (30x14x5). We have larger boxes for garlands and wreaths.